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Stars On / Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers – Stars On Long Play

Stars On / Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers – Stars On Long Play

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    Stars On Long Play also known by various titles like "Stars on Long Play," "Stars on 45 - The Album," and "Starsound," marks the debut release by the Dutch soundalike studio group Stars on 45 in 1981. This innovative album, released under different names depending on the region, ingeniously strings together popular songs from various artists into a continuous medley. 

    In the Netherlands, it was released by CNR Records. In the US, it was rebranded as "Stars on Long Play" under Atlantic Records' sublabel Radio Records. In the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the group was renamed "Starsound," and the album went by "Stars on 45" or "Stars on 45 - The Album" under CBS Records. Additionally, in Spanish-speaking countries, the album and group were launched as "Estrellas en 45."

    This boundary-pushing album achieved remarkable international distribution, including in the Soviet Union and parts of the Eastern Bloc as "Discothèque Stars," and in Czechoslovakia as "Stars on 45." In the Philippines, it appeared as "Stars on 45 Long Play Album."


    Stars On Untitled Medley (15:21)
    A.1 Stars On 45 0:58
    A.2 No Reply 0:17
    A.3 I'll Be Back 0:26
    A.4 Drive My Car 0:30
    A.5 Do You Wanna Know A Secret 0:27
    A.6 We Can Work It Out 0:15
    A.7 I Should Have Known Better 0:19
    A.8 Nowhere Man 0:08
    A.9 You're Going To Lose That Girl 0:14
    A.10 Ticket To Ride 0:32
    A.11 The Word 0:24
    A.12 Eleanor Rigby 0:15
    A.13 Every Little Thing 0:39
    A.14 And Your Bird Can Sing 0:45
    A.15 Get Back 0:32
    A.16 Eight Days A Week 0:31
    A.17 It Won't Be Long 0:13
    A.18 Day Tripper 0:46
    A.19 Wait 0:33
    A.20 Stars On 45 0:14
    A.21 Good Day Sunshine 0:11
    A.22 My Sweet Lord 0:31
    A.23 Here Comes The Sun 0:28
    A.24 While My Guitar Gently Weeps 0:31
    A.25 Tax Man 0:26
    A.26 A Hard Days Night 0:23
    A.27 Things We Said Today 0:35
    A.28 If I Fell 0:30
    A.29 You Can't Do That 0:27
    A.30 Please Please Me 0:39
    A.31 I Wanna Hold Your Hand 0:38
    A.32 Stars On 45 1:04
    Stars On Untitled Medley (7:35)
    B1.1 Stars On 45 2:11
    B1.2 Boogie Nights
    B1.3 Funky Town
    B1.4 Video Killed The Radio Star
    B1.5 Venus
    B1.6 Sugar, Sugar
    B1.7 Cathy's Clown
    B1.8 Only The Lonely
    B1.9 Lady Bump
    B1.10 Jimmy Mack
    B1.11 Rainy Day
    B1.12 Stars On 45 1:04
    Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers Untitled Medley (4:23)
    B2.1 Do You Remember 0:48
    B2.2 Lucille
    B2.3 Bird Dog
    B2.4 Runaway
    B2.5 Do You Remember 0:18
    B2.6 Bread And Butter
    B2.7 That's All Right
    B2.8 Rip It Up
    B2.9 Jenny, Jenny
    Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers Untitled Medley (4:10)
    B3.1 Golden Years Of Rock & Roll 1:08
    B3.2 Wooly Bully
    B3.3 Golden Years Of Rock & Roll 0:37
    B3.4 Buona Sera
    B3.5 Slippin' And Slidin'
    B3.6 Nut Rocker
    B3.7 At The Hop