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Sister Street FIghter

Sister Street FIghter

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    Sister Street Fighter is a Japanese martial arts film that was released in 1974. Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, the movie is a spin-off of the popular "Street Fighter" film series and features a strong female protagonist in the lead role. The main character, Koryu Lee, is played by Etsuko Shihomi, a talented martial artist and actress.  

    The plot revolves around Koryu Lee, a martial artist and undercover detective, who travels to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother, Mansei. As she delves deeper into the criminal underworld, Koryu discovers that her brother has become entangled with a drug cartel. To rescue him, she must use her formidable martial arts skills to navigate a dangerous and corrupt world, facing various opponents and challenges along the way.

    "Sister Street Fighter" is known for its fast-paced action sequences, impressive fight choreography, and Etsuko Shihomi's skillful martial arts performances. The film incorporates elements of exploitation cinema typical of its time, with a mix of gritty violence and a touch of exploitation aesthetics. Despite its relatively low budget, the movie gained a cult following and is remembered as a classic in the martial arts genre.

    The success of "Sister Street Fighter" led to the creation of several sequels, further establishing Etsuko Shihomi as a prominent female action star in the martial arts film industry. The movie remains a notable entry in the pantheon of Japanese martial arts cinema from the 1970s.