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    Paycheck is a science fiction action thriller film released in 2003, directed by John Woo and based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. The movie stars Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman, and Aaron Eckhart in lead roles. 

    The plot revolves around Michael Jennings (played by Ben Affleck), a highly skilled engineer who is hired for secretive and high-paying projects. However, each time he completes an assignment, his memory of the project is erased to protect corporate secrets. In return for his work, Jennings receives a large sum of money as a "paycheck."

    However, things take a dangerous turn when Jennings completes a three-year project and, instead of a paycheck, receives an envelope containing seemingly random objects. Confused and determined to uncover the truth, he discovers that he willingly traded his memory of the project for a collection of items that hold the key to a valuable technology.

    As Jennings races against time to piece together the puzzle of his past and evade powerful adversaries, he must rely on his intelligence, resourcefulness, and the help of Rachel (played by Uma Thurman), an old flame and physicist. Together, they must uncover the truth and prevent a catastrophic event that could change the future.