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Movie Star Films

Movie Star Films

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    Bail Out - Three bounty hunters run a deadly obstacle course to fortune and glory when they're hot on the trail of a kidnapped heiress who was bailed out of jail by the nastiest bail bondsman in the business. Starring Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff.  

    Lovers & Liars - Guido , a Roman bank manager, informed by his sister Oriana that his father Armando is seriously ill, leaves his wife Elisa with his son and sets off by car to reach Rosignano Solvay, their hometown. Determined to make the journey in sweet company, he visits Jennifer, his mistress whom he hasn't seen for months. The girl's clear refusal to follow him pushes him to take Anita Watson, a 26-year-old American, who has come to Rome to find an Italian architect she met in Chicago. After a stop in Orbetello, the two bond more and make a detour to the deserted Isola del Giglio. 

    Cuba Cross - A Key West boat skipper is forced by the Mafia to assist a group of professional killers hired by the government to carry out a plot involving the murder of Fidel Castro. After a series of double crosses (not to mention man-eating turtles) things get somewhat out of hand. Also known as "Cuba Crossing," and "Sweet Violent Tony."

    Crossbar - The story of an Olympic high jumper, played by Brent Carver, who loses his leg and yet doggedly persists in his pursuit of athletic glory. Released a year before Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, this made-for-Canadian-TV movie, which also stars Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall, has been described as a tear-jerker.

    Death Sentence - A juror on a murder case begins to believe that the man on trial is innocent of the crime - and then discovers that the real killer is her own husband.

    The Last of the Belles - Set in Alabama at the turn of the 20th Century, this is the semi-mythical tale of how F. Scott Fitzgerald (Richard Chamberlain) met his future wife, Zelda (Blythe Danner). Sadly the couple both run the full gamut of human insecurities when Fitzgerald's life takes a downswing, and Zelda's fragile mental state begins to dominate her personality. The performances, coupled with intelligent direction from George Schaefer, make this an extraordinarily moving portrait of a couple clinging to each other while staring into the abyss of human despair.

    Mesmerized - Based on true accounts of the Victoria Thompson murder trial, MESMERIZED tells the story of an 18-year old orphan who is forced into an arranged marriage with a cruel older man. Set in New Zealand in the 1800s, this drama stars Jodi Foster as penniless, naïve Victoria, who at the young age of 17, is coerced to move into her new husband's home. Before long, Victoria realizes that Oliver Thomspon (John Lithgow) has some strange sexual habits, and an abusive nature. Concerned for her own safety, Victoria ponders what desperate measures she'll have to take in order to become free of this terrible arrangement. Thus, when Oliver turns up dead, Victoria becomes the prime suspect, arousing the scorn of the entire nation. Both leads give solid performances as Victoria and Oliver, with Foster's understated performance as Victoria nicely contrasting Lithgow's more extravagant portrayal of Oliver. The film thrives from this interesting couple dynamic.

    Concrete Cowboys - A pair of Montana cowboys hit the road to Nashville and wind up victims of subtle blackmail in this very '70s TV pilot. AKA "Ramblin' Man." Tom Selleck and Morgan Fairchild head a cast that also includes Jerry Reed, Claude Atkins and Barbara Mandrell.