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Lost - Season 5

Lost - Season 5

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    Lost is an American television series that premiered on ABC in 2004.The fifth season aired from 2009 to 2010. The season consists of 17 episodes and follows the characters as they continue to navigate the mysterious island they are stranded on.  

    In Season 5, the story takes on a time travel element as the characters begin jumping back and forth through time. The season explores the concept of destiny and free will as the characters grapple with their past and future selves.

    The season introduces new characters, including Daniel Faraday, a physicist who helps explain the time travel phenomenon, and Miles Straume, a man with the ability to communicate with the dead. The season also features the return of familiar characters, such as Desmond and Penny.

    Throughout the season, the characters face new challenges and mysteries, including a group of people called "The Others" who are attempting to change the course of history. The season culminates in a thrilling finale that leaves many questions unanswered and sets the stage for the final season.