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King Kong

King Kong

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    King Kong is a 2005 remake of the classic 1933 movie of the same name. Directed by Peter Jackson, the film stars Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, a struggling actress who is chosen to star in a movie directed by Carl Denham, played by Jack Black. The movie is set during the Great Depression in New York City and follows Ann, Carl, and a group of sailors as they travel to a mysterious island to film their movie.   

    Once they reach the island, they encounter a tribe of natives who capture Ann as an offering to the legendary giant gorilla, King Kong. The rest of the movie follows their attempts to rescue Ann from Kong and their eventual return to New York City, where Kong is put on display as a public spectacle.

    The film features groundbreaking special effects that bring Kong to life in stunning detail, as well as a sweeping orchestral score by composer James Newton Howard. The movie also explores themes of love, exploitation, and the consequences of human greed.

    Naomi Watts delivers a powerful performance as Ann, imbuing her character with both vulnerability and strength. Andy Serkis, who provided the motion capture performance for Kong, also deserves praise for his work in bringing the giant ape to life on screen.