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Danny Elfman – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Danny Elfman – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack album for the 2005 film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," directed by Tim Burton. The album features music composed by Danny Elfman, who has collaborated with Burton on several of his previous films. 

    The album contains 21 tracks, with a total runtime of approximately 67 minutes. The first track is titled "Wonka's Welcome Song," which sets the tone for the film with its whimsical, upbeat melody and lyrics that introduce Willy Wonka and his factory.

    Other notable tracks on the album include "Augustus Gloop," "Violet Beauregarde," "Veruca Salt," and "Mike Teavee," which are all named after the children who win the golden tickets and visit the factory. Each track features a distinct musical theme that reflects the personality and quirks of the character. 

    In addition to these character themes, the album also features several instrumental tracks that showcase Elfman's signature style of playful, quirky orchestral music. Some of these tracks include "The River Cruise," and "Finale."


    1 Wonka's Welcome Song 1:01
    2 Augustus Gloop 3:10
    3 Violet Beauregarde 2:08
    4 Veruca Salt 2:13
    5 Mike Teavee 1:32
    6 Main Titles 5:00
    7 Wonka's First Shop 1:42
    8 The Indian Palace 3:16
    9 Wheels In Motion 3:17
    10 Charlie's Birthday Bar 1:53
    11 The Golden Ticket / Factory 3:03
    12 Chocolate Explorers 2:14
    13 Loompa Land 1:42
    14 The Boat Arrives 1:15
    15 The River Cruise 1:54
    16 First Candy 1:21
    17 Up And Out 3:11
    18 The River Cruise - Part 2 1:56
    19 Charlie Declines 1:32
    20 Finale 3:46
    21 End Credits Suite 7:01