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Abbey Grace

Abbey Grace

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    Abbey Grace is a supernatural horror film that was released in 2016. The movie revolves around the story of Stacey, a young woman who inherits a mysterious and dilapidated mansion known as Abbey Grace from her estranged grandmother. Stacey moves into the mansion with her husband, John, and their daughter, Heidi, hoping to restore it and turn it into a bed and breakfast.  

    As soon as they move in, strange and terrifying events begin to occur. Heidi starts to exhibit strange behavior, claiming to see and communicate with a ghostly presence in the mansion. John becomes increasingly distant and aloof, while Stacey becomes obsessed with uncovering the secrets of Abbey Grace's dark past.

    As Stacey delves deeper into the history of the mansion, she uncovers a dark and haunting truth. Abbey Grace has a dark history of unexplained deaths, secrets, and a malevolent force that seems to be targeting her family. Desperate to save her daughter and unravel the mystery, Stacey becomes determined to confront the malevolent force lurking in Abbey Grace and put an end to its reign of terror.

    The film is filled with suspenseful moments, jump scares, and supernatural occurrences, creating a sense of dread and unease. As the story unfolds, Stacey's sanity and reality are questioned, and the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred. The movie's climax is filled with intense and terrifying moments as Stacey confronts the truth about Abbey Grace and the dark forces at play.