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Which Major Batman Villain Did DC Just Kill?

This week saw DC Comics begin its latest publishing initiative with the release of Infinite Frontier #0. The 64-page issue shows off the various corners of the DCU after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, setting up the next new wave of stories from their all-star creators and flagship comics. Among them was a tease of what's happening in Gotham as we not only see the newly formed "Batgirls" group, Grifter, and Batman in action, but something really goes down at Arkham Asylum. Though DC just wrapped up their Joker War arc a few months ago, it seems the Clown Prince of Crime has returned and he's claimed high profile victims.

Spoilers for Infinite Frontier #0 below! The Gotham-set stories in the issue all tie into a major event, the release of what is believed to be a Joker toxin into the vents at Arkham. A guard at the Asylum, Mahoney, goes to check on none other than Bane only to find the back-breaking villain and other Arkham guards have died from the gas. Unlike previous Joker toxins though, this one doesn't put a smile on the face of those that have died. To that end it's really unclear if this is actually Joker gas, especially since in the end of the issue we see a new and improved Scarecrow, could he be behind the attack? Maybe so!

This is a huge piece for DC to have taken off the board, especially considering the place that Bane had during Tom King's Batman. Comic fans will no doubt wonder how long Bane will actually "be dead" though, but it's worth noting that Deadshot has stayed dead since he was killed in the pages of Suicide Squad last year.